It is our desire to cultivate the kind of generous hearts that reflect the character of God to our community. Understanding why we choose to give is the first step of that journey.

“Obedience to Scripture…”

We give because God told us to. The Bible teaches about offering a tithe (or tenth of our income) as a radical, minimum standard of what giving looks like.

We give because we desire to cultivate generosity within ourselves—and where our money goes, our hearts are sure to follow. Obedience will always precede breakthroughs and clarity, so we give even before we desire to give, knowing that God will honor our obedience by creating within us that very desire.

“A Sense of Gratitude…”

We give because giving is an act of worship. If we are clear about who the Owner really is, we give out of the pure joy and appreciation that we have anything to give at all. Giving is no less an act of worship than singing songs of praise—it is a direct act of faith in the character of God.

“Using Temporary, Finite Resources to Build an Eternal, Infinite Kingdom.”

We give because we recognize that nothing we have can last forever, but that we have the opportunity to use our resources to contribute to something that can. God can and will use our finite resources to accomplish His eternal purposes. We give because, ultimately, the only way to take our wealth with us into eternity is to give it away while we’re still here on earth.

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